Reasons blogging is good for your brand


Building a brand is a lengthy task. It’s not a ‘one and done’ exercise, but a continual process that grows and evolves over the lifetime of a business. Shortcuts are almost unheard of. But there are activities that can help give your brand a boost, and blogging is definitely one of them.


So why is blogging so important for your brand?


It’s important to first differentiate a few terms;

  • Brand – How people perceive your company. This is built up from how you present yourself and your company and a host of other factors, building an image and feelings that consumers relate to your business.
  • Branding – The actions you take to cultivate an image of your brand
  • Brand Identity – The collection of elements that make up your brand; logo, colours, tone of voice etc. A good brand identity is distinct and cohesive.

Let’s take a closer look.

1 – Blogging helps your SEO


Blogging Helps your SEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the method by which your website is ranked on search engines such as Google. Better SEO means a higher ranking.


Blogs are great for SEO for a few reasons. Firstly, websites with frequent updates are more SEO friendly and blogs are an easy way to add more content to your site. They also help position your site as a relevant answer to consumer queries. Blogs help drive more traffic to your website, attracting new clients and further legitimising your brand.

2 – Position Yourself as an Expert

Position Yourself as an Expert


When we’re looking for products or services, we want to know we’re being taken care of. Blogs can assist in this by providing a reassurance that the consumer is in good hands


By writing about your experiences and knowledge, you become an authority on the subject, and this attracts people to your brand. Blogs allow you to show people you know what you’re talking about, which is far better than just telling them. They also allow you to teach and explain, which leads us on to…

3 – Brands the Blog are more Trusted

Brands the Blog are more Trusted


Through teaching and explaining concepts, we become trusted in those matters. When a brand is trusted, it is more likely that consumers will purchase from them.


Bloggers are the third most trusted source of information, coming in after family and friends in the top two spots, but ahead of journalists. Larger businesses often utilise bloggers to review products; as many as 84% of people have made purchases after reading a blog.


It is important to make helpful, accurate, honest content as this builds firmer trust in the source.

4 – Develop Better Relationships

Develop Better Relationships


Blogging also allows you to build better relationships. By being active and creating a resource for your community, people become more engaged with the brand. By replying to comments and continuing conversations that your blog starts, you will build better relationships with your clients or audience.

5 – Good Content Creates Exposure

Good Content Creates Exposure


Good, branded blog content can be great for your brand exposure. Creating content that is engaging can get shared across social media platforms to reach customers you may not have even encountered yet. Writing evergreen content that is relevant all year round can create exposure long after you have released it. Good blogging content can help fill your social media streams with potential customers.


It’s easier to get social exposure with good blogging content, as it is easy for your audience to share on social media.

6 – Blogging Helps Build your Niche

Blogging helps Build your Niche


Creating a brand that resonates with a niche is easier than trying to market to a broader audience. The more you know about your target market, the easier it is to attract them. Blogging helps you do this by presenting your knowledge in your subject and getting you noticed by the people who are interested in it. In doing this, you can better interact with them and understand how to provide a brand that your niche resonates with.

7 – It Assists in Building & Maintaining your Brand Voice

Blogging assists in defining your Brand voice


Your brand voice is how you interact with your customers. It can have any style but needs to resonate with your target audience. Blogging is a great way to define this as it is more honest than most other forms of communication. The tone of voice in your blogs should be true to your brand’s persona. Be it fun, wise, jovial, authoritative or any other tone, it will attract people who respond to that style.


By defining your brand voice in blogging, this can also be used across other interactions to form a cohesive tone for your brand.

8 – It Helps your Brand to Advertise

It helps your brand advertise


Advertising and marketing online can be difficult without spending huge sums of cash. Blogs can be a cheap source of advertising a product or service without directly selling. Good article ads can sell an ideas or concepts to create interest that can lead to increased sales.

9 – Blogging Helps your Brand Provide Value

Blogging helps your Brand Provide Value


Reading a blog doesn’t usually cost the reader anything. It’s a free source of information, and people love a freebie. Providing value before a customer is buying puts you in a good position for when they actually are.




Remember, building a brand isn’t about ego. It’s about showing what you have to offer others. A good blog can be a hub for excellent advice that sets you apart from your competition, especially if you are in a niche market. It helps you rank on search engines and provides additional social media exposure, allowing your brand to reach more people.


So when should you start? The answer is simple – as soon as possible! By doing it now, you’re already getting a head start on it. Most blogs take time to gain traction, so by making a start you’re putting in the ground work for those key articles that you really want people to see in the future.


Blogging is a versatile tool that can help expand your audience and create interest in your brand. If you need any more proof, you’re reading this blog, aren’t you?


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