You need to understand your customers, but they need to understand you too. Clarify your message and ensure customer loyalty with our range of Brand Identity services, including all aspects of design, print and consultation.



A brand is more than a logo. It is the core set of characteristics that define your business and the interactions that consumers have with it. Getting it right is crucial.

Your brand is how you show yourself to the world. It is your story, your goals and your values. Many businesses fail with confusing messages and uncertain identity. Consistency is key.

Your business will benefit from strong branding. Customer recognition will help you stand out from your competitors, giving you a competitive edge in the market. Customers become more loyal to businesses they share values with, so it is important to make sure your values are visible and understood.

iron Dragon Design Brand


We have a selection of branding services available, from consultation to full service re-brands to suit all budgets.

Iron Dragon Brand Design

Brand Design

You have a message but you are unsure how to portray it. Get that clarification with our design service. Customised to you, we will design a variety of your materials to create a cohesive message.

Brand Design

Iron Dragon Brand Consultation


If you are unsure of your message, or how it effects your business, we are available to assist through consultation. Looking at your past, current and future needs, we’ll help ensure your send a strong message.

Brand Design