Branding is a huge part of the market strategy for any business. Increasingly, people shop with brands that speak to their core values. With so much choice, they can afford to. As such, your brand needs to be strong and clear to stand out amongst the others in your market. This is often a mammoth task, and one with no clear right and wrong solutions.


Build Branding



We’ve formulated some tips to help you understand what to look out for when creating your brand. Although this is not an extensive list, it should give you some ideas of how to better brand your business.


Tips for Branding your Business


11 – Authenticity breeds loyalty


Be who you are. It may sound obvious, but people often put on a mask when they are ambassadors for their business. Customers will see through this in the end, and are unlikely to return. If you are in a business which required customer loyalty, being authentic from the outset will help manage customer expectations early on.

This does mean that some people will look elsewhere for their services. That is fine. You can’t get on with everyone. Just focus on being authentic and the people who appreciate that will stay with you.


12 – Hold on to your niche


If you have a niche market, hold on to it for dear life. These will be your most loyal customers, and you should never forget that. By understanding your niche, you can tailor your brand to get the desired reactions from them.

Advertising to a niche is often easier than advertising to a larger market. A niche will have a more clearly defined set of likes and dislikes than a large group of people, who may have many different demographics. Look at what your niche like and market appropriately.


13 – Be relatable


Putting yourself on a pedestal far above your consumers will breed disinterest. People like to be able to relate to something on a personal level. If they can, they are more likely to buy into the brand. If you cannot relate to the customer’s wants and needs, it becomes difficult to market to them.

One way of doing this is by sharing your story. If people can see you as a person as opposed to just a business, it makes your brand instantly more relatable.


14 – Be what you are and better


Your brand is the window through which your customers view your business. When they do, you want them to see the best possible version of the business. Make sure that they know what you are, and shout about it! No one wants to get the second best of anything if the first option is readily available. Your brand should advertise what you do.

Remember your authenticity though! Don’t tell outright lies or make empty promises. You should come across as an expert, not a miracle worker.


15 – Quality is everything


Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying. As such, low quality products do not last long on the market. Your brand should reassure people that they are buying into quality. There are many ways to do this, the simplest of which are being consistent and keeping your message simple.

Be sure that your branding matches the level of quality you are offering. If you are selling, bespoke, high end jewellery for example, your branding should be aimed towards high end clients. If you are selling simple, mass produced items, your brand should be more accessible and simple. The wrong branding will attract the wrong people.


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