One of the things people remember first about a brand is it’s colour choices. In this series of infographics we’ll be looking at what each colour says about a brand, how it makes people react and what message it sends. This infographic looks at the colour yellow and the brand messages it promotes.


Yellow is a primary colour and is a warm colour. Warm colours are so called as they remind us of things that are hot – fire or the sun, for example. Optimism, energy and attention are the key aspects of brands that use a significant amount of yellow. Like red, it can be used to increase appetite and has an obvious use for fast food brands. Additionally, brands in the construction may use yellow in it’s ‘caution’ aspect, often with black to evoke high contrast chevrons.


Yellow is commonly linked to the sun and summer. It is fun, optimistic and uplifting, promoting the brighter side of life. Check out the infographic below for some more facts about the colour yellow.


Colours in Branding Yellow



Tips for using yellow


As with any colours, it is important to understand what your brand message is and whether your colour choices complement this. Yellows spread messages of clarity and warmth – optimism is a key factor here and so brands that wish to appear exciting should look at using it. At it’s best, it is creative and confident, inspiring both fun and creativity through its brightness.


The negatives that yellow can portray include cowardice, but also impatience and impulsiveness. It is also has a tendency to induce anxiety, so those trying to promote a calm brand should avoid it. It has fewer shades than other colours so is a little less versatile.


Again, it is important to remember that different parts of the world view this colour in a different light. The Japanese see it as a colour of courage in direct contrast to the western idea that it shows cowardice. All across eastern Asia it is also the colour of royalty and the sacred.


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