Get ahead of the competition with a range of logo design services to suit any budget. We work to understand your brand and customers so that we can create a logo that provokes the desired responses in your potential customers.



Your company logo is often the first impression potential customers get. Stand out from the crowd and push your brand from the outset.

Logo design is important to any brand identity. Often it is the first impression for customers, so it needs to instantly portray the brand. Logos convey your company identity and should be memorable and honest.

In fact, many logos define the brand identity of the whole company – containing colours and themes that will continue through other branding. Our logo design services take this into account, and we aim to ensure that your logo is giving the right message.

Logo Designs


Choose from our range of Logo Design services to suit your project.

Iron Dragon Design Logo Design 1

Single Logo Design

Need a logo quick? Got a strong idea for what you need but don’t have the expertise to bring it to life? Our single design service is an inexpensive way of getting a fully designed logo that is suitable for professional use.


iron Dragon Design Logo Design 2

Multiple Logo Design

Working with you to understand your needs, we’ll give you several polished options for your logo. We’ll expand on one of these to a finished design. This option is great if you do not have a clear idea of what your finished logo should be.



Full Logo Design Service

Need something to really stand out? Working closely with us, we’ll design a logo that truly speaks of your brand. Exploring your customer base and their perceptions, we’ll create a logo that will speak directly to them.