Membership based, peer-to-peer board sessions for fresh thinking professionals. The boards use their combined experience to work through each other’s business challenges and opportunities.

The Boardroom came to us looking for assistance with their re-brand. Our challenge was to create an identity that spoke of The Boardroom’s core values. As they attract a variety of business owners and professionals, we needed to engage a diverse group. Additionally, we were required to position the brand as the ‘rebels’ of what is usually a conservative market. Above all, they wanted a brand that would stand out in the market.

The use of colour was important here, and utilises a variety of bright colours to show diversity. Although the colours are bright, minimal use prevents it looking childish. For example, the business cards use only a single colour for emphasis. Business cards, banners, ebooks and more assets were designed. On top of this, the project required custom illustrations.

Banner Design