Ruler Brands are those who provide structure, craving order and control. Therefore, they are often also known as the leader, the chief or the boss.

Rulers are seen as proud and ambitious – they are natural leaders and seek to create order. This is often through their main goals – success and prosperity, for both themselves and their clients. Above all, they desire authority; a structure only they can bring.

This boils down into a message of power being the driver of success. Implementing this message through a strategy of demonstrable leadership is a key aspect of the Ruler Archetype. They are motivated by ideals of creating and maintaining order, building a world that they see as optimal.
Rulers fear chaos and showing weakness. Therefore, they should always show confidence and most importantly have a plan. However, they also need to be aware of being boisterous or controlling. In other words, they need to understand the difference between leadership and bossiness.
Ruler Brand Archetype Stats

At their best, Ruler Brands have the ability to create order and structure. Additionally, good Ruler brands create other leaders. Rulers naturally attract those a desire for control or responsibility. As such, they can sometimes be seen as bossy or authoritarian to the casual observer, which can put people off interacting with the brand.

Despite this potential for misunderstanding, Ruler Brands make great luxury brands. Additionally, they make excellent coaches. Above all, they have an innate ability to bring a  plan to any situation. This means they can help get the best out of potentially disorganised clients. Ruler brands are great at creating structure.

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Limitless Peak Performance Logo


Our example of a Ruler Brand in the ONLE Network comes in the guise of Limitless Peak Performance. Johanna Hooper is a coach with 23 years of Naval experience and heads up the company. Limitless Peak Performance aims to help clients reach their full potential as leaders and public speakers.

Johanna helps her clients using performance coaching and mental resilience exercises. They become better leaders and build more resilient businesses using these techniques. Johanna’s ideal world is one where there are no horrible bosses, with leaders created through actionable change who reach their peak performance.

Chaos and unpredictability are anathema to Limitless Peak Performance, and it’s easy to see the stability and structure in the brand. The brand uses a bold and simple colour choice, a confident mix of deep green and subtle greys. With the addition mountain and iceberg imagery, this creates feelings of success and stability.