Business funding for start-ups with over £4 million funded to date.

Focused for Business came to us for assistance with their marketing materials. Initially this was for help with an eBrochure for attracting new start-ups. The investment sector is heavily contested so this proved a unique challenge. Firstly, the brand needed to stand out as different amongst a corporate sector. Secondly, it needed to be bright, welcoming and exciting. However, it still needed to retain professionalism and show the quality of investments available.

In addition to the eBrochure, a series of one pagers and social posts were designed. These have allowed the brand to evolve further. We have also acted in a consultation role for the brand whilst designing their new website and other online marketing.

The bright orange and charcoal design has high contrast to create a bold brand. This is both high energy and modern. This also creates contrast in the white space. Images of hikers give a sense of journey and exploration. These brand assets have created a brand that is unique and stands out from the competition.

Focused for Business Social Media Design