Haynes MarComs

A network of specialists, consultants and agencies in their own specific field and niche. From Consumer Travel PR Agency, New business development consultants and Corporate photographers, to Market Researchers and Media Trainers.


Haynes MarComs came to me looking for assistance with their new logo. Additionally, they had a number of print and digital projects that required attention. With a lengthy history in the marketing sector, this particular client had a strong idea of their message and mission. As such, we had a path to tread from the word go. However, I needed to be certain we were crafting this message into their identity. Above all, this needed to be professional and stand-out.

I looked primarily at the idea of journeys and travel, and worked to create a monogram effect for the company founder. Alongside this, I worked on multiple branded pieces to get the identity noticed in the travel-tech sector. An A6 industry survival booklet was pride of place amongst these, which has proven popular at multiple conferences and shows. Additionally, I created business cards and slide decks.

Logo Design