The Rebel

The Rebel brand archetype builds a legacy through revolution. They aim to tear down what doesn’t work and leave something new in place.

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Rebel Brand Archetype


The Rebel brand archetype is all about leaving a legacy, and they do this through liberation. Therefore, they can also be known as the outlaw, the revolutionary or the pariah.

Rebels are seen as disruptive and irreverent – they are rebellious and seek to shake up the status quo. This is often through their main goal -tearing down what doesn’t work and starting anew. They have a strong desire for revolution and don’t mind being the ones to start it.

As such, the Rebel has a simple message – rules were made to be broken. This message can be pretty simple to create but difficult to master without coming off as standoffish. As such, Rebels need to be aware that their message will certainly ruffle a few feathers. A ‘shock and awe’ strategy is often a great way for them to market. They are motivated by liberation, change and independence and are at their best when a client just lets them get on with it.


A Rebel’s greatest fears are being powerless or conforming . Therefore, when they are being a disruptive force, they need to be able to back up their plans and explain them to their market. Additionally, they also need to be aware of when they are pushing the wrong boundaries. In other words, they need to understand the difference between disruption and petulance.

What makes the Rebel brand work?

At their best, Rebel Brands have the ability to create incredible change. Additionally, good Rebel brands can create awareness and become a force for exceptional good in the world. Rebels attract those who feel powerless and have a need to break their shackles and be free. As such, they can sometimes be seen as unprofessional to the casual observer, which can put people off interacting with the brand.

Despite this potential for misunderstanding, Rebel Brands make some of the best alternative brands. Edgy clothing, motorcycle and activist brands are all great examples Additionally, they make great brands in industries where they are prepared to go against the norm. Above all, they have the ability to bring disruption and free thinking to a task. This means they are not afraid to do what’s never been done before. Ruler brands are great at becoming trendsetters.

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