what I can do for you

From brand strategy to graphic design services, I’ll help cover all aspects of your brand and visual identity.

I don’t just make your brand look good – I find how it’s unique and make you confident in its power.

If you’re ready to start, book a consultation with me below.

Brand strategy & graphic design services that give you the edge

There’s one thing you need to do well to ensure success for your brand – communicate.

And the first step in communication is understanding.

That’s why my services are based on understanding more about your brand, so you can communicate it effectively both visually and in what you say. I believe in providing a long-term partnership to help your brand grow. I can help you from start to finish with a number of ad-hoc and retainer based services

Branding Design

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Print Design

Digital and Web Design

Digital & Web

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Brand Strategy

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Brand Alignment

I have a host of services available, from pop-up banners to custom illustration – if it can be imagined, I can design it. Email me at info@irondragondesign.com, call on 01202 237 680 or book a meeting below to discuss your project and get a quote.

Packages & consultancy

I know what it takes to build a bold brand – so I’ve made it easy for you and created specific services tailored to get your brand fighting fit. If you’re looking for help in making your brand grow for you and using it to increase growth, look no further.

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Compass – on-demand brand consultancy

Need direction in your brand? Compass is designed to solve your burning branding problems. This hour-long session is for business owners who need fast solutions to their growth problems.

Together, we’ll explore what’s holding you back and come up with actionable solutions you can start right away. An hour session costs just £125 – click below for more information.

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brand adventurer – brand identity deep-dive

Get the best start for your brand journey with Brand Adventurer. We’ll go through what you have, what you need and where you’re going, helping you better understand your brand, your customer and your position in the market. We’ll uncover your core values, mission, position, brand character and more.

Three-hour, 1-2-1 workshops start at £500 – click below for more.

Pheonix Rebrand Service

phoenix – rebrand service

PHOENIX is designed to breathe new life into your brand. Like the bird of legend, your brand will emerge from the transition in a new, exciting form, ready for anything. It’s not just a visual change, but an evolution of the core aspects of the brand.

Together, we’ll get you ready to rebrand or refresh your brand, creating both strategy and assets to help you grow.

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Sphinx – ongoing brand management

It’s difficult to see what challenges may be presented to your brand in the future. Fast changing landscapes mean it can be easy to go off course – even a 1° change can have huge consequences further down the line, bringing the brand far from its roots.

SPHINX is designed to answer your questions, keep you accountable and apply a consistent brand strategy to succeed in your goals.

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Forgemaster – Social Media Design

Standing out on Social Media is tough. Finding time to create consistent, on-brand content leaves you tired and wondering what the point is. Take that stress off your plate with Forgemaster – design packages specifically for your social media.

I’ll arm you to succeed on social media – attracting your ideal clients and keeping their attention.