The Explorer

The Explorer brand archetype seeks the ideal of freedom. They aim to show people how they can free themselves from their shackles.

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Explorer Brand Archetype


The Explorer Brand Archetype are spiritual seekers providing a sense of wonder through freedom. Therefore, they have other titles: the adventurer, the wanderer or the quester.

Explorers are exciting, fearless and daring. They want to create exciting, fulfilling experiences that are memorable for ages to come. Their main goal is to find spirituality through exploration and independence. Above all, they desire the freedom to explore. Their ideal is a world where people are free to pursue their happiness.

The Explorer’s message is a big one – breaking shackles and fulfilling destiny. This message lets them share the journeys of others and find new experiences. The Explorer’s main strategy is to take the road less travelled and do things differently. However, it is not just about the method. Explorers cherish wandering, and a big part of their strategy is to celebrate the journey. They aim to make the customer feel like the centre of their own story!

The Explorer’s motivations are freedom, the unknown and self-discovery. As such, their marketing aims to challenge modernity, pushing limits and being free to explore the land.

Due to a focus on freedom, it is little wonder that the Explorer fears entrapment or confinement. They fear the taming of their wild spirits by modern monotony. As a result, they should appear unbound and free, fulfilled in the path they have chosen. However, they also need to be aware of being too mysterious or unreachable. Ultimately, they need to show how freedom and cherishing the journey can be of benefit to their clients. An Explorer brand should always be ready to show the way but also let people discover their own path.

What Makes the Explorer Work?

At their best, Explorer brands are ambitious, spirited and independent. These traits make them exciting and daring to work with. Explorers naturally attract people who want to forge their own path. However, the casual observer can see their need to be constantly moving as restless or aimless. As such, order led clients can be put off interacting with the brand.

Explorer brands make excellent partners for a number of brands despite this potential for misunderstanding. Their freedom of thought makes them natural partners to Creators, and Rebels respect them as free spirits. Additionally, Magicians love their sense of wonder and Heroes respect their sense of challenge.

Above all, they have an ability to make people feel free. This means they can give their audience a breath of fresh air, which can create feelings of relief and excitement in equal measure. Explorer brands create incredible tales and a sense of adventure.

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