About Iron Dragon

Adventures can start in the most unlikely places. Starting freelance graphic design wasn’t my original plan. But those who answer the call learn to love the journey, becoming more than mere travellers.

They become the heralds of change.

A road less Travelled – how i became a freelance graphic designer

Iron Dragon was born of a need to provide the freedom that I felt I was lacking – both to me and other small business owners feeling like they couldn’t compete. Becoming a freelance graphic designer wasn’t always my plan, but it fit like a glove.

I founded Iron Dragon in early 2016 after realising I wasn’t finding the fulfilment I needed in employment. It was at once a tough choice and blindingly obvious – dropping the safety of a consistent paycheck for the unknown of becoming a freelance graphic designer.

It was blissfully freeing.

Staring from a tiny corner desk in a bedroom rented from a friend, it was never about domination.

Never about being ‘number 1 in the world’.

Instead, I wanted to build something that would appeal to fellow travellers – to share stories and help them become successful in their journey. My clients all share that in common. They are passionate, incredible people who want to create something more.

The journey so far has been one of discovery, forging new paths through experimentation, exploration and a fascination with the fantastical. My road is the one less travelled, exploring the wilds and bringing a little of that magic, myth and awe back to my clients.

Iron Dragon is here to save you from feeling mundane.


A brand is so much more than a destination – it’s a whole huge adventure. Here are some of the skills I use to help you make the most of your journey.

Visual Identity Design

Your visual identity is vital in showing how unique your brand is. I’ve a keen eye for design, from logos and layout design to print.

Brand Strategy

With so many directions, it can be tough to get a brand on the right track. I’ve got the ability to help focus your brand and start growing.

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Brand Storytelling

Your ‘why’ is as important as your ‘what’. I love showing how powerful your purpose can be through telling your brand story.

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Illustration & Design

With a background in both traditional and digital artwork, I’ll bring my artistic ability to creative projects.

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Problem Solving

I’ve a knack for solving puzzles – and I like to use this to help my clients come up with unique solutions to their branding troubles.

Crossed Pickaxes and Diamond


I know how to ask the right questions and discover what’s truly going on with your brand, helping you find the right answers.

who am i?

I’m Daniel J. Moore – Artist, Adventurer, Warrior.

If it’s not fully clear yet – I’m a geek, fascinated with identity and psychology. All this together means I love to explore and discover; especially when it lets me look at things from a different perspective. If you’re passionate about what you do, then I’ll quickly get excited about it too.

The Artist in me is my creative side – I’ve been drawing since I first picked up a pencil and never stopped. I paint miniatures, draw whenever I can and even enjoy a bit of creative writing. I’m also a pretty handy cook.

The Adventurer in me is my geeky side – I love discovering things. That means getting out and exploring, as well as spending time playing tabletop games, role-playing games and generally getting excited about anything that makes life more fantastical.

The Warrior in me is my nature – I’m fiercely loyal and prefer to speak frankly. Which means I won’t mess you about, if you offer me the same courtesy! I also get out whenever I can and swing swords around for good measure.


It’s a question I get asked frequently – what’s the story behind the name?

Well, like anything in branding, there’s a reason for it.

There’s a tale I like to use about koi fish, swimming up a forest stream. The school glistens gold and amber as it swims, eventually reaching a waterfall. Some fish turn back, while others begin to try to climb the waterfall.

As they climb, demons appear from the forest, jeering and throwing stones. One by one, the koi turn back. However, after 100 years of climbing, one of the koi eventually reaches the top.

The gods in the heavens above see this feat of willpower and determination, They reward the koi, turning it into a magnificent dragon – a symbol of power, wisdom and courage.

That’s why I chose ‘Iron Dragon’ for the brand.

It takes a will of Iron to go against the flow and reach your potential when the world seems set against you.

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