Taking the same old path just isn’t my style.

Iron Dragon Design is a multi-award winning freelance design and branding studio. I provide graphic design content that resonates with my client’s customers. Whether it is digital or print, business or pleasure, I have solutions to fit all tasks and budgets. It’s not just the design, but I also offer brand strategy to align your journey with your prospects. I’ll guide you to uncovering the best possible version of your brand.

I founded Iron Dragon Design was founded in early 2016, after spending years trying to find a career that would fulfil a need for creativity, ambition and independence. I started the company from a corner desk in a bedroom rented from a friend, providing basic design needs for small business across Bournemouth.

Since then, Iron Dragon Design has expanded into an office of it’s own (affectionately referred to as the ‘Dragonspire’). With clients across the UK, Europe and North America and multiple awards in Graphic Design and Branding, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

The journey so far has been one of discovery, forging a new path through experimentation, exploration and a fascination with the fantastical. My road is the one less travelled, exploring the wilds and bringing a little of that magic, myth and awe back to my clients.

I don’t just build brands – I seek their truest nature and help uncover the dragon inside.

Brand Strategy


A brand is so much more than a destination – it’s a whole huge adventure. I have services to help you make the most of every stage of your journey.


Graphic Design Icon

You want to show your brand in the best light – your visuals are vital in showing your brand. Layout design, illustration, rebrands and brand identity design are just a few of the graphic design specialisms I offer.


Logo & Brand Identity design Icon

Your logo is the icon clients will remember, so it needs to make them feel emotions you want associated with the brand. I offer thoughtful design that will create a lasting impression on your ideal clients.


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Print can be a headache to navigate, especially when matching it to the feel of a brand. I know print, and am partnered with printers who can offer stunning options, from basic card stock to UV and foil.


Your digital presence is more important than ever, but has worldwide competition. I’ll help you stand out from the noise on social media and across your website, with engaging UI and UX design.


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Your ‘why’ is as important as your ‘what’, but discovering it can be tough. I’ve got the knowledge and skill to help you uncover your brand’s secrets, align it to your audience and strategise the best way to show it.


What makes me unique? It’s not a wealth of expertise and knowledge (though that helps) – it’s who I am and why I do this. I’m an artist, an explorer, and an adventurer.

Daniel J. Moore – Creative Director & Design Mercenary

I’m a graphic designer and geek, fascinated about identity and psychology. All this together means I love to explore and discover; especially when it means looking at things in a unique way.

My designs are bold and eye-catching, especially when working with logos, brand identity and illustration. My skill set is varied, utilising both artistic flourish and innate technical ability in multiple disciplines. I’m very lucky to have a mind that straddles both both the logical and artistic – allowing for excellent critical thinking, and a squarely ‘outside the box’ position when it comes to generating ideas. I’ve a knack for understanding what is at the core of a brand and assisting business owners in discovering how to form a unique brand.

I help build branding that really makes you stand out in the market. Utilising art theory, science and psychology in my approach allows me to help your brand connect with the right people.

I’m a massive geek, and I like to bring this into what I do. If you’re passionate about what you do, then I’ll quickly get excited about it too. Outside of the office, I enjoy cooking, travel and taking every opportunity I can to pretend to be a warrior.