Rebrand. It’s a simple word that can cause dread and anxiety. Especially when you know you should be doing it, but have no idea where to start. Commiting to a rebrand or brand refresh is a big job that every business needs to tackle at some point. Getting it right will boost growth and set you apart – but get it wrong and you’ll go down in flames.

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Rise from the Ashes

Your brand is the fiery heart of your business – and you should be able to show it with pride.

But over time it can dull, going from a raging inferno to smouldering embers.

A dated brand that no longer reflects your message and values can be a turn off – for you and your clients.

A rebrand or brand refresh breathes new life into your brand, but can be a daunting prospect. It’s more than just a facelift, and requires a mix of disciplines to launch correctly without alienating your clients.

Done well, it will put you ahead of the competition and attract clients to your banner – both new and old.

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Unleash Your Fire

PHOENIX is designed to breathe new life into your brand. Like the bird of legend, your brand will emerge from the transition in a new, exciting form, ready for anything. It’s not just a visual change, but an evolution of the core aspects of the business.

PHOENIX isn’t just about looking good – it’s also about preparing your business for rebranding. This means looking at what’s come before, understanding the strategy and implementing changes to forge a brand that acts as a beacon to attract your ideal clients.

Regenerate Your Values

The process doesn’t start with design – but strategy. Looking at the past, present and future of the brand, we’ll regenerate your values, mission and more to ensure the rebrand is more than just a facelift – it’ll create measurable results.

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Refresh Your Identity

Armed with a bold rebrand strategy, the identity of the brand will change to call out to your ideal client. Logos, colours, fonts and voice will all be carefully honed to create a lasting impression on your market – and leave your competition in awe.

Reignite Your Passion

A rebrand is both internal and external. The process will reform your business to match it’s potential, so you and your staff will feel pride in the banner you are under. Igniting the spark of your brand will have you and your team fired up and ready for any challenge!

what adventurers have said

‘This was not just about creating a logo and brand guidelines, it developed my whole brand story, gave me confidence in the service I offer, developed the values that truly represent what I stand for and the whole process was fun!! Nothing was too much trouble, Daniel took the time to really listen and understand what it was I was looking to achieve and I could not be more grateful.’

Rachel Atkinson, The People Choreographer

Reignite your Passion

Do you need to get clear on your brand identity and stand out in your industry? Is your business growth being held back by a lacklustre brand? Want to create a brand that is truly unique? Want to refresh your brand and forge ahead with renewed purpose?

If so, it might be time for a rebrand.

There are several paths to choose from – so book a free consultation with me to get started.


  • Access to the Brand Adventurer workshop, uncovering your values, vision, mission and more
  • Full Logo Redesign
  • Colour palettes and fonts to reflect your unique brand idenity
  • Updated brand collateral
  • Strategy Sheets outlining your new brand and visual identity


  • ‘Regenerate’ contains all the benefits of ‘Reignite’ plus:
  • All the benefits of the ‘Brand Adventurer’ workshop plus:
  • Brand Guidelines and Handbook – designed to match your new brand
  • Presentation or brochure design for a headstart on your marketing
  • Online brand identity for social media


  • ‘Rebirth’ contains all the benefits of the ‘Regenerate’ package, plus bespoke options that your brand requires – including:
  • Website Design
  • Animation
  • Brand Photography
  • Landing Pages
  • Additional strategy such as brand naming

Need more than a rebrand?

Need to go beyond the rebrand? I can help with more then refreshing your brand, including social media, ongoing strategy and deep-dive sessions. Click the icons below for more information.

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