The Everyperson

The Everyperson brand archetype is about belonging. They aim to build communities that are engaging and welcoming.

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Everyperson Brand Archetype


Everyperson Brands are those who want to belong to a community. Therefore, they are also known as the realist, the regular guy or the friend.

Down to earth and with solid values, they make excellent brands for a diverse crowd, and are at heart a social brand. As their main goal is to belong, they often build communities that help both themselves and their clients. Everyperson brands desire genuine connection, a circle of followers, friends and confidants.

This sense of belonging creates a message that all are created equal. The Everyperson is the most fair and least judgemental of all the archetypes. They believe in giving people a chance to show their best and do so with a strategy of building common ground. They are motivated by ideals of creating a community and the idea of belonging to something greater than themselves.


The Everyperson fears being unwelcome and elitism. Therefore, they usually come across as humble and most importantly, welcoming. They need to be aware that this humility and honesty can make them forgettable, so they must make sure to be in regular contact with their audience.

What makes the Everyperson work?

At their best, the Everyperson brand archetype is welcoming and friendly. Additionally, great Everyperson brands are incredibly reliable. They naturally attract a range of clients, but predominantly those who value being part of a community. At their worst, and without care and attention, they can be seen as weak, suggestible or conventional.

With belonging and community as their key drivers, Everyperson brand identity is great for everyday brands. They also work well for community-building brands, such as networking groups. They have an innate ability to bring reliability to their clients. This means they can build a community of loyal followers who are happy to be involved with the company. Everyperson brands are great at building something bigger than themselves.

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