The Innocent

The Innocent brand archetype seeks the ideal of joy. They aim to show people how a simple life can create peace and happiness.

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Innocent Brand Archetype


The Innocent brand archetype provides exploration of ideals through safety and security. Therefore, they are often also known as the purist, the optimist or the angel.

Innocents are safe and happy – they believe in fulfilment and joy through independence. Their main goal is therefore simple; to achieve happiness. Above all, they desire to experience paradise, though the exact nature of this can change depending on the brand.

Rather fittingly, the Innocent’s message is one of simplicity, as they believe life shouldn’t be hard. Honesty, openness and simplicity are the main tools of the Innocent. They aim to make the viewer feel safe and secure, so they can feel happy too. These strategies are motivated by ideals of fun and warmth. This means their marketing is aimed towards creating happiness and spreading joy.
With a focus on the lighter side of life, it is little wonder the Innocent fears punishment and doing things wrong. They also fear being seen as unhappy. Therefore, they should always be open and honest with their marketing. They should also show joyful ideals. However, they also need to be aware of being too naïve. Ultimately, they need to understand how to open up without becoming too vulnerable.
Innocent Brand Archetype

What Makes the Innocent Work?

At their best, Innocent brands bring joy and brightness to life. Additionally, great Innocent brands bring optimism through their morality and honesty. Innocents naturally attract those with a desire for simplicity and independent fulfilment. As such, they can sometimes be seen as boring or childish to the casual observer. This can put people off interacting with the brand.

Innocents make great health and lifestyle brands despite this simplicity. Above all, they have an ability to make people feel safe. This means they can cut through the fears of their audience, which can make them the most trusted of the archetypes. Innocent brands are great at making people feel secure. As safety is a key goal, they are one of the calmest archetypes.

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