The Magician

The Magician brand archetype creates a legacy through change. They aim to show people how to use the power of change to make their dreams come true.

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Magician Brand Archetype


Magician Brands provide legacy through wonder and the power of dreams. Therefore, their other titles are the wizard, the sorcerer or the enchanter.

Magicians are charismatic and driven. They want to create unique visions and make the world more magical. Their main goal is to change dreams into reality. Above all, they desire transformation. Their ideal is to change the mundane into the magical.

The Magician’s message is simple but lofty – dreams should come true. This message helps them achieve their goals and help people change. The Magician’s strategies include Charisma, drive and creating a unique vision. They aim to make the customer feel like anything is possible! Ideals of transformation and vision motivate the Magician. They aim their marketing towards the magical, or making the impossible seem possible.


With a focus on transformation, it is little wonder that the Magician fears unintended consequences. They are always worried their spell could get out of control or backfire. Even when offering the world, they need to be able to deliver. As a result, they should appear magical. However, they also need to be aware of being too mysterious or non-committal. Ultimately, they need to show how a transformation will benefit their clients. A Magician brand should help transform its customers.

What Makes the Magician Work?

At their best, the Magician brand archetype can transform and fascinate. Additionally, great Magician brands create wonder and belief in the impossible. Magicians naturally attract big dreamers. As such, the casual observer may see them as showy tricksters. They can be seen as dishonest or manipulative at their worst. As such, they need to be careful to only promise what they can offer. In short, their promises are only as good as their actions.

Magicians can be found across many business sectors. Like Creators, they make particularly good innovative brands. They also make excellent problem-solving businesses. Magicians find kindred spirits in Creators and Seducers. Above all, they can make people feel like anything is possible. They find big solutions for their client’s problems. Magician brands are great at finding innovative solutions and healing their client’s pain points.

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