The Sage

The Sage brand archetype seeks the ideal of knowledge. They aim to show people the truth and create better understanding.

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Sage Brand Archetype


The Sage brand archetype provides fulfilment through the seeking of knowledge. Therefore, they are often also known as the wise, the teacher or the sensei.

Sages are seen as wise and knowledgeable, as they are excellent researchers and seek the truth. This is often through their main goal, which is the use of intelligence to create understanding. They have a deep desire of discovery of the truth and try to find this in all things.

As a seeker, the Sage’s message is simple – truth provides freedom. They believe that knowing a truth will free the mind from worry. To implement this message, they are highly logical; find information and understand the process. Their motivation is for fulfilment and independence and the Sage loves to be free to pursue their own studies.
Sages fear deception, ignorance and lies. Therefore, they should always show truth and facts, being the least prone to overusing emotions of the archetypes. However, they also need to be aware of seeming cold or aloof. In other words, they need to understand when to use emotion to convey important facts.
Sage Archetype Stats

What makes the Sage work?

At their best, Sage Brands seek truth through their wisdom and open-mindedness. Additionally, good Sage brands lead conversations and expel lies. Sages naturally attract those a desire for understanding the truth. As such, they can sometimes be seen as pedantic or know-it-all to the casual observer, which can put people off interacting with the brand.

Despite this potential for coldness, Sage Brands make great informers and news brands. Additionally, they make excellent researchers. Above all, they have the ability to find the most important factors in a situation. This means they can help their clients to find what they’re really seeking.

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