The Hero

The Hero brand archetype builds a legacy through courage and ability. They aim to build up others and leave other heroes in their wake.

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hero Brand Archetype

Brand Archetypes – The Hero

The Hero brand archetype provides legacy through mastery and skill. Therefore, they are often also known as the superhero, the champion or the warrior.

Heroes are courageous and skilful – they want to change the world, and aim to do so through mastery and sheer force of will. This is their key goal. Above all, they desire to prove their worth and seek challenges out; pushing forward until they overcome them. They are often tireless and relentless in their pursuit of worthiness.

To show this, the Hero’s message is based on determination – where there’s a will, there’s a way. Heroes must prove they are masters of their market, so strategies often include showing their journey. Often this mirrors a ‘heroes journey’, including the ups and downs. They aim to make the viewer feel like they can do anything! These strategies are motivated by ideals of mastery and courage. This means their marketing is aimed towards making people feel like they can overcome their challenges.


With a focus on being the best, it is little wonder that the Hero fears showing weakness or letting others down. Therefore, they should always show boldness and courage in their marketing. However, they also need to be aware of coming across as arrogant or aggressive. Ultimately, they need to understand how to be bold without being brash.
Hero Brand Archetype

What Makes the Hero Work?

At their best, Hero brands have the ability to build confidence in their audience. Additionally, great Hero brands show skill and inspire their clients to be better. Heroes naturally attract those who want to be the best. As such, they can sometimes be seen as arrogant and unrelenting. This can put people off interacting with the brand.

As Hero brands head towards challenge, it’s no wonder that many are sports brands. Above all, they have an ability to challenge people to go further. This means they can push their clients to help achieve their goal of a better world and create change. Some Hero brands are also humanitarian and make sacrifices for the greater good.

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