When it comes to creating, maintaining and growing your brand, it’s important to understand what personality it has. Like people, brands have personalities that influence how they connect with an audience and how their customers interact. Above all, people respond better to brands speaking their language. Having an archetype can help you find that voice. This is where it is important to look at Brand Archetypes.

Much like people, we enjoy interacting with brands that share our values. As such, most customers will choose which companies to buy from with their hearts instead of their head. Brand Archetypes give brands a personality which makes it easier to connect with their audience. The most successful brands in the world have this down to a fine art. They are able to connect with their customers on an emotional level to form strong personal relationships.

Archetypes also help align a brand’s vision, purpose and values. They create a voice for the brand to utilise in interactions, forming consistency in their branding and message. They also help by differentiating brands in the marketplace. This means that two companies can sell similar products, but will attract different audiences based on their personality.

Brand personalities are great because they help to attract your tribe.

Products are made in a factory,

but brands are created in the mind.

– Walter Landor


There are 12 distinct brand archetypes, each of which has it’s own strengths, weaknesses, goals and strategies. Choosing the correct archetype for your brand is an important decision. Not only will it dictate how you interact with your market, but also who you will attract. You’ll want to explore your brand thoroughly to understand how you should come across. Understanding your values, mission and purpose is vital to making this decision.


Impact brands have one goal – to change the world! They are the legacy builders who aim to create something that will last long after they are gone. These brand archetypes look to leave their mark and are always searching for ways to improve.

Rebel Brand Archetype


Magician Brand Archetype


Hero Brand Archetype



Social brands are all about connecting with others, and they seek real kinship. They are pursue connection and aim to create something their audience yearn to interact with. These brand archetypes want to be involved and therefore have a genuine need to please.

sEDUCER Brand Archetype


Jester Brand Archetype


Everyman Brand Archetype



Freedom brands are the seekers of paradise or spirituality. They each seek their own truth by their own methods. These brand archetypes are learners and teachers, consequently building brands that act as beacons to the like-minded.

Explorer Brand Archetype


Sage Brand Archetype


Innocent Brand Archetype



Order brands seek to provide structure by whatever means they are most comfortable with. They give form and responsibility, but each has a different view of what order looks like. These brand archetypes like things to be just so.

Caregiver Brand Archetype


Ruler Brand Archetype


Creator Brand Archetype



Choosing the right archetype for your brand is an important decision. It will dictate how you interact with your market as well as the people you will attract. You’ll want to explore your brand thoroughly to understand how you should come across. Understanding your values, mission and purpose is vital to making this decision.

If you’ve not thought about your Brand Archetype before, now might be the time. More and more businesses are understanding the importance of how they present their brand. Our Brand Adventurer workshop is a great place to start if you need help understanding your brand, or you can take the Brand Archetype Quiz to quickly discover which archetype best suits you.