Cruelty free bath bombs and cosmetics for those with a darker side.

This unique and bold brand came to us with an enticing challenge that we just had to jump on. Into the Depths seek to shake up the bath-bomb industry with their exceptional line of horror themed bath bombs, taking a stab at everything from Jaws to Cthulu. Creating a logo and brand identity for a very particular niche gave us something to really sink our teeth into, and proved to be an exciting and engaging project.

The final logo was inspired by work from H.P. Lovecraft, as well as through information gained from the target market. The logo itself has a distinct, inky boldness, playing on the horror themes without being overt. Additionally, we created mockups and social media images to help set the brand up in the digital sphere. We also worked on wider brand identity so as to create a cohesive story. Consequently, the brand has a distinct feel that evokes a very different idea of relaxation.