An award-winning specialist commission painting studio, specialising in masterclass quality miniature painting.

Lil’ Legend Studio came to me looking for assistance with their new logo and brand identity. This provided a unique challenge – as a skilled artist, they had a certain eye for design but a different set of technical skills. Due to this, I looked at what their customer base would be looking for and how best to grab their attention in a steadily growing market. Additionally, Lil Legend Studios run classes for aspiring miniature painters and this became an important part of the brand’s story.

Inspiration came from a variety of sources such as Iwata Airbrush and even Bentley. The logo speaks of quality and professionalism as well as having a distinct creative flair. To accompany the logo, a number of eye-catching covers were also commissioned for use on Patreon and across social media.

Logo Design Bournemouth