A full service market and social research agency specialising in health, government and commercial.

Darmax Research came to me for a full rebrand. They found my Phoenix package to be exactly what they needed. They had set up their business and found immediate success, but had not built a brand or strong identity. Due to this, we looked at what they were doing right. We aimed to understand why people were engaging with Darmax, and how to show that to potential clients. Through my workshops, Darmax uncovered what was important to the brand’s story and what problems they solved for their clients. We also discovered what feelings they wanted to leave their market.

The project involved creating a brand from the ground up. This included a logo, brand guidelines, colours, fonts, stationary and a series of brochures. Additionally, a number of graphic elements were designed to create a brand that has depth and feeling. As a Sage brand, we designed the identity to come across as knowledgeable and experienced.