Brand Review – The Road Goes Ever On

I've not been subtle in my assertions that branding is a journey, not a destination. And while it's important to keep exploring, you shouldn't forget to look back on your progress from time to time. Taking in what successes - and failures - you've had is crucial to your continued brand development and alignment. This [...]

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Brand Loyalty – Red vs Blue

Brand loyalty refers to positive emotions that consumers associate with a brand. It is a measurement of how likely customers are to return, despite competitor's efforts. The concept is nothing new but is becoming ever more important as clients have more choice. It's a constant struggle between brands, hoping to lure new customers while retaining [...]

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Accepting the Quest – Your Mission Statement

An adventurer is often propelled into action by their quest. Whether it's destroying a magic ring, slaying a timeless evil or relieving a besieged village, the quest is what gives the hero drive. Quests and missions are drivers of purpose and great acts of heroism. They are the call to adventure, and are surprisingly common [...]

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