Branding vs Marketing

To the casual observer, branding and marketing may appear to be the same. They're both inherently mysterious disciplines - branding is often described as a 'dark art'. They also have similar aims and goals, namely to aid the selling of a product or service. They both naturally lead to assisting sales (though I'll leave sales [...]

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Visual Identity – Your Brand’s Arms & Armour

When it comes to a brand, most people think of the visual identity first - and in most cases, the logo. Although it's true that there is much, much more to a brand, there is no denying that good visuals are one of the most appealing aspects of a brand. So why, oh why, do [...]

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Brand Voice – Your Call to Adventure

It's not what you say - it's how you say it. I know, it's pretty cliché, but it's true. Especially when it comes to your brand voice. The voice is your herald, it announces your arrival. It has the power to inspire or extinguish, to praise or belittle. To create or destroy. It can [...]

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Why Pay For Graphic Design When You Can Just Use Canva?

'Are you worried about Canva?' I've been asked this question a few times.  On the surface, it makes sense. I'm a graphic designer and make a living through design. Therefore, any form of automation or 'DIY' option should be a killer for my business. It's not hard to see why some designers feel uneasy about [...]

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Why do you need a Brand Strategist?

Two generals are sent to lay siege to enemy castles. The first is sent with elite warriors. The second has a less experienced force. They must complete their task in a month.   The first general leaves immediately. They attack the castle in a brutal frontal assault. The fighting is fierce and intense. Within a [...]

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Why Empathy is Vital to Great Design

On your adventure, you come across a village under siege from bandits. You have your own mission, but without aid, the villagers will surely lose their harvest - or worse. Do you turn and leave them to their plight, or step in and help?   Empathy is the skill that allows us to see the [...]

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The Adventurer – Defining Brand Values, Qualities and Beliefs

I'm a bit Chaotic Good.   Most of you reading this are going to be utterly bemused by that statement, though I'd wager a small number are nodding sagely and know exactly what I mean.   Chaotic Good is an alignment in Dungeons & Dragons. The alignment system is a way of determining a character's [...]

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