One of the things people remember first about a brand is it’s colour choices. In this series of infographics we’ll be looking at what each colour says about a brand, how it makes people react and what message it sends. This infographic looks at the colour red and the brand messages it promotes.


Red is a primary colour and is a warm colour. Warm colours are seen as exciting and hot, often being associated with fire and the sun.


Red is the colour of passion and excitement. It is a dynamic colour and as such it demands attention. As it is so bold, it is the colour of those with energy, passion and sometimes aggression. It is often associated with those who strive for success.


Red is an attention grabber, often in a bold and loud manner. Due to this, it is often used as an accent to draw attention – keen use of the colour as an accent can help focus attention on important elements of a design. In addition to this, it is seen as a stimulant and can even get hearts racing and blood pumping when used correctly. Check out the infographic below for some more facts about the colour red.


Colour in Branding Red Psychology Infographic




Tips for using Red


As with any colours, it is important to understand what your brand message is and whether your colour choices complement this. Reds are great for adding a lot of excitement and to grab attention quickly. It is is also surprisingly versatile. Dark red is seen as luxurious and commanding but brighter shades are exciting, energetic and economical. Burgundy is a sophisticated shade while crimson is courageous. It is important to understand exactly what shade you are using as the message needs to be clear with such an attention grabbing colour.


Beware the negative emotions that red can convey and try to avoid these messages. The most prominent negative feeling that red portrays is aggression but intolerance and fear are also associated with it. As a result, this can push people away from your key message if used incorrectly.


It is also worth knowing that red can mean different things in different parts of the world. For example, red is used in China to represent good luck and fortune. As a result, brands like HSBC use red due to their standings in China, despite blue and green being more usual choices for banks.


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