Why you Need Purpose-Driven Branding – The Quest is Vital

Purpose-driven branding is better for your brand’s image. It is more than your logo and the colours you use. It’s more than catchy slogans and pithy taglines. Beyond merely looking good, the image your brand projects depends on how you resonate with your clients on a deeper level. That is where your brand purpose [...]

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Strategies for Bold Branding – Plant your Banner

Why should you have Bold Branding? There’s a reason bold branding does better. Pushing boundaries and creating change is more noticeable than going ‘by the book’. As more businesses realise how powerful good branding is, it becomes harder to stand out. And that’s what you want to do, right? No one likes a wallflower. [...]

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Branding vs Marketing

To the casual observer, branding and marketing may appear to be the same. They're both inherently mysterious disciplines - branding is often described as a 'dark art'. They also have similar aims and goals, namely to aid the selling of a product or service. They both naturally lead to assisting sales (though I'll leave sales [...]

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How Marketing and Design Work Better Together

Marketers and designers can sometimes seem at odds to one another. Marketing is perceived as very data driven, all about metrics and performance, whereas design is seen as purely creative and visual. These two camps should be at odds with one another, right? Well, I believe that marketing and design work better together than apart. [...]

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Why you should partner with a brand strategist

Across this blog, I frequently write about the importance of branding your own business, but there’s something else that a great brand strategist can offer - partnership. To partner with a brand strategist is to open up a world of opportunity for yourself and your clients, that doesn't just end at your visual identity.   [...]

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Brand Loyalty – Red vs Blue

Brand loyalty refers to positive emotions that consumers associate with a brand. It is a measurement of how likely customers are to return, despite competitor's efforts. The concept is nothing new but is becoming ever more important as clients have more choice. It's a constant struggle between brands, hoping to lure new customers while retaining [...]

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