Why do fonts matter?

When it comes to your brand identity, font choice is sometimes left at the back of the queue. It’s easy to understand why shape and colour are important, but why do fonts matter?   The simple explanation is that they provide another way for your brand to stand out.   Often, font choices can make [...]

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10 Signs it’s Time to Rebrand

Rebrand is a term that strikes a certain trepidation in business owners. It's at once scary and exciting; strangely daunting for a seven-letter word. It's also one of those things we're never quite sure when to begin and as such often gets put off for years. But this can be problematic, and ignoring the signs [...]

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Colour in Branding – Green

One of the things people remember first about a brand is it’s colour choices. In this series of articles, we’ll be looking at what each colour says about a brand, how it makes people react and what messages it sends. This article looks at the colour green and the brand messages it promotes.   Green is a secondary colour, the [...]

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