Brand Loyalty – Red vs Blue

Brand loyalty refers to positive emotions that consumers associate with a brand. It is a measurement of how likely customers are to return, despite competitor's efforts. The concept is nothing new but is becoming ever more important as clients have more choice. It's a constant struggle between brands, hoping to lure new customers while retaining [...]

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Colour in Branding – Orange

One of the things people remember first about a brand is it's colour choices. In this series of articles, we'll be looking at what each colour says about a brand, how it makes people react and what message it sends. This article looks at the colour orange and the brand messages it promotes.   Orange [...]

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Your Brand Journey

  Most brands start with a single step. The idea that even huge brands like Disney, Mcdonalds and Nintendo started out fully formed is ludicrous. Brands evolve and change over time to fit ever changing markets and trends. The above brands are strong as they have evolved over decades (and in the case of Nintendo, [...]

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Semiotics - the study of signs     At 6:44am (local), in an airport bathroom in Narita, Japan, I reach for a curved, chrome tap with a blue circle on the handle. Despite my 13 hour flight (not to mention the 6 hour change in Hong Kong), my instincts tell me that, even half the [...]

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